About Us

Short Introduction

Hello and welcome to the Two Bears Erotica store! It is with great sincerity that we welcome you to our store! I would like to give you a brief self-introduction, my name is Sam, I am a senior player about the same age as you. In fact, I know that a lot of players are very distressed when picking out erotic products, whether it’s quality, safety, or sensitivity, there will be concerns. I’ve been in the sex toy industry for 14 years and have set up my own team; Mao is one of my partners, he is one of the largest manufacturers of sex toys in China, with top quality in both men’s and women’s toys. So our team has very professional knowledge about the quality and safety of erotic products, for example, the advantages and disadvantages of ABS, silicone and liquid silicone. As we all know, there are close to tens of thousands of products in the wide range of erotic products, leaving many people clueless. Coming here, you are considered to have found a safe threshold to turn your fantasy into reality, let us try to answer the common questions below bla.


Frequently asked questions of some customers

How is the product quality?

As I mentioned earlier, our product, my partner Mao, is one of the largest manufacturers of pornographic products in China, and has the world-leading synthetic technology in silicone. Our products are carefully selected by Sam, and all of them are made of excellent silica gel, liquid silica gel, ABS and TPE, not ordinary materials on the market. You can also compare my products with those on the market, which will definitely make you more confident in my products!

How to find a product that suits you?

We limit the number of products under each category to 2-3, with different functions, which will make players feel clear and easy to choose.

What is the price of the product?

Price may also be a concern of many players. Sam can tell you responsibly that our price can give the industry the most affordable price for the same quality products. At the same price, we can achieve the top quality in the global industry.

Is there a discount?

If you come, you are family. Of course, there is a discount! In the original discount, the total price of the goods purchased exceeds 100 US dollars, and you can enjoy a 20% discount by entering the code Gumao; The total price is over $150. Enter the code LZX888 to enjoy global postage! ! !

What if I can’t find my favorite product?

Many small partners can’t find their favorite products, and even don’t know what kind of products they like. No problem! You can contact our customer service partner at any time, and we will reply you at the first time and help you find the products that suit you and you like!

You have a picture of the product you want, but you don’t have it in the two bears shop.

Our product coverage can be said to be the leading in the world. You can pay the deposit about your favorite products first, and we will have professionals to help you find the products that best match your pictures, and we will give you different quality prices! !

What about product packaging and privacy?

For your privacy, we will put the product in an inconspicuous box. If you are not satisfied with our products, please feel free to contact us, and we promise to provide you with perfect after-sales service and shopping experience.

Is there anything about logistics?

All our products are transported by air, because the time limit of air transport is faster, which will help the products to reach your hands faster and more accurately!











Our Services

Global transportation
Our products are all transported by air all over the world, which will help the products reach your hands faster!
Customer Service
Our customer service partner will definitely reply to you at the first time!
If there are any problems with the products you receive, we promise to provide top-level after-sales service!
Incidental product
If you take care to bring the products to friends around you, you can tell us, and we will give you beautiful small gifts! !
One-to-one service
If you need it, you can apply for our one-on-one service! In this way, you will have your own exclusive customer service for sex toys consultation!
Quality inspection service
Our products are all subject to our professional quality inspection, and we carefully ensure the safety and good use of our products!